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Over the past 25 years, Agora has sucessfully implementated a large number of complex fleet projects for their customers

Reorganisation of truck fleet of c. 300 units

The client, a leading contruction material distributor, sought to re-organise its fleet of flatbed trucks and lorries, among other, of more than 5 subunits of the organisation. Agora helped define the technical specs including bridge, cranes, etc., issued the tender and negotiated with 5 potential suppliers. Eventually, the entire volume was attributed to one provider, perrmitting savings in the high teen % range.

System Partnership for fleet of vans

The fleet consisted of several hundered vans used for the fine distribution of non-perishable consumer goods. The direct client-supplier relationship established and monitored by Agora allowed for sustainable TCO savings in the low teen % range.

European forklift fleet of c. 3'500 units


The project aimed at transforming the local purchasing into a global procurement organisation for a large multi-national group. The winning suppliers eventually shared a volume of 3'500 forklift trucks in 11 countries, realizing commercial savings (TCO) of c. 25%. In addition, fleet administration was drastically simplified, enhancing efficiency. Last, the improvement in technical specs reduced the fleet size and improved safety, health and environment.

Fleet of lasercutters

Lasercutters are specialized machines typically used for industrial manufacturing applications. They are characterized by high purchasing values, a defined useful life and a market for used machines. Agora helped the client lower the design to cost, tendered the fleet of lasercutters to 3 suppliers and implemented the contract framework including a service level agreement. This allowed the client to switch to the newest technology, better plan expenditures and lower cost by c. 20%.


e-bike rentals with full-service concept

In the wake of the Diesel scandal and restricted access to city centers for fuel vehicles, selected customers have asked Agora to look out for e-bike suppliers with a full-service offering. As no such offering was available on the market, Agora started developing such a service by themselves under the goflow® brand. Agora designed, developed and produced such e-bikes and related services themselves or acquired them. Today, Agora holds almost 1'000 e-bikes and rents them out to their clients. Visit for more info.


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