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AGORA is a procurement and fleet specialist with ample experience in organising fleets for large Global corporations since 2000


AGORA Industrial Service AG


Agora Industrial Service was founded in 2000 with the aim to simplify/ standardize the processes and management of indirect procurement categories for large international corporations.


Our core competence is the holistic and comprehensive management of the entire fleet of industrial vehicles, commercial vehicles and passenger cars for which we offer a customized solution for our customers.


Agora rapidly and sustainably cuts cost in the procurement and maintenance of the fleets across four dimensions (i) pricing like-for-like based on TCO, (ii) fleet size, (iii) equipment and (iv) administrative effort.  

We stand for more than 20 years and the value that we have created for our existing clients is the foundation of our success.


We currently have more than 50.000 vehicles under management/ monitoring in 24 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East and North America.


Management Team

The friendly AGORA team consists of a network of procurement and fleet specialists with many years of experience and a proven track record in transformation projects. Contact us today to learn how our specialized experts can help you optimize your categories.

Reto Kreienbuehl
Owner and CEO

Reto has been the owner and CEO of Agora since 2013. He is in charge of sales and customer relations. Reto has extensive experience in advisory, brokerage and contract management from his roles in Consulting (Bain & Company) and Private Equity (Capvis Equity Partners). He holds a Master in Engineering from ETHL and an MBA from Stanford University.


Nikolina Nasteski
Head of Fleet Management

Nikolina is a Head of Fleet Management – responsible for the accounts of the Global clients and Management of their fleet portfolios. Nikolina has an extensive experience of 10 years in the fleet industry in the fields of Strategic, Operational and Contract Fleet management . She holds a Bachelor Degree in International Business from Victoria University – Australia.


Code of Conduct

Since 2000 AGORA has been a responsible and successful company that focuses on providing the AGORA-SYSTEM PARTNERSHIP solution of genuine value to customers, suppliers and finance institutions with whom we do business.


AGORA is guided by its core values of integrity, quality, innovation and commitment as it delivers performance that leads to sustainable value creation.


AGORA respects the environment and conducts its operations in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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